My Trans Girlfriend Doesn't Make Me Gay | LOVE DON'T JUDGE

Published October 1, 2020 939 Views

Rumble A TRANSGENDER woman has reconnected with her ‘handsome jock’ high school crush after finishing her transitioning journey. Victoria, 22, has been in a relationship with Chris, 23, for a year and a half after swiping right on Tinder. However, they had met years before, having attended the same high school in Rhode Island, where Victoria was relentlessly bullied. At the time she was transitioning from male to female, something that many of the town’s conservative community would ridicule her for. Victoria told Truly: “I’d have kids spitting on me, throwing trash, telling me to go kill myself.” Some of Chris’ friends would even be a part of bullying Victoria, a painful memory for him now. They attended in different states, only reconnecting years later online when they had moved back to their hometown. Finding someone who would accept her fully was important when looking for a partner. “When I was transitioning, I felt like nobody would ever love me," she said. “[Chris] wasn't trying to forget that I was transgender, he was okay with that.” The couple now happily live together and feel grateful for finding each other later in life. However, they still come up against prejudice for choosing to be together. Unlike her high school years, now Victoria is able to ignore these trolls and has a partner to support her. “People can go ahead and try to invalidate me, but nobody can validate me as a woman other than me," she said. “We want a family one day, a normal, happy, wholesome life.”