Is Joe Biden Reading? Let’s Look at Teleprompters. Spoiler. Yes, and It’s Worse.

Published October 1, 2020 139 Views $0.03 earned

Rumble Trump’s accusation that Biden is reading from a teleprompter has further reaching implications than one initially thinks. Examples of Biden supposedly reading from a teleprompter are during question and answer sessions with media and others that are presented as honest interviews. If he is indeed reading from a teleprompter, this means these interviews are completely fake and scripted. This raises serious questions about just how Biden is being interviewed. Further investigating teleprompters shows us that teleprompter operators could access 100’s of pre written responses to generalized questions and present them to a candidate when they hear the question. Is this what they’re doing? If this was the case, then the interviewer wouldn’t have to be in on the grift. I believe it is some combination of the two. Could one create prewritten responses to questions and connect the teleprompter to AI that does the job of picking the correct answer after hearing the question? Interesting. They need to check those men for communication devices before the debate. It isn’t just the teleprompter though. While many of Biden’s “gaffs” can be explained once one realizes he’s reading, many of the things he’s said were outright lies. When he is forced off script he tends to be rude and incoherent. Then we’ll finish up with Biden actually saying the things they accused Trump of in the Atlantic article. To the troops faces. They have confirmed the video is Biden, and say, “he was joking.” Hmmm.