Media claims President Trump won't denounce white supremacists. Let's go to the tape...

Published September 30, 2020 7,815 Views
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That one didn't take long to debunk.

Chris Wallace and Joe Biden debated President Trump last night. During multiple parts of the debate, they asked the President about the violence that is taking place around the country, mostly perpetrated by Antifa and Black Lives Matter "activists." Mainstream media took selective snippets of what he said and used those clips as "proof" the President supports white supremacists. That is, of course, ridiculous.

But the media narrative is what it is. All we can do as patriots is fight back with the truth. The President's personal social media guru, Dan Scavino, put out a video clearly debunking the narrative.

Mainstream media and Democrats are spreading lies about President Trump and white supremacists. As Dan Scavino demonstrated in this video, we have the truth on our side. We just need to get it out to the masses.

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