Mountain biker takes us on high speed thrill ride through beautiful forest

Published September 30, 2020 3,450 Views $2.15 earned

Rumble / Extreme SportsMountain biking is an exhilarating sport that combines adrenaline and thrills with relaxing and beautiful views of nature. It allows for slow and peaceful pedaling over rolling terrain, taking in the fresh air and sounds of the forest animals. But in the next moments it can provide a rush and high energy thrill ride down hills so steep that you can barely hold on to the handlebars.

For many, this extreme sport is the ultimate experience. Technical sections full of tree roots, rocks, dips, and hairpin turns challenge the rider to balance and hold on despite split-second moves to avoid rapidly approaching obstacles and hazards. The faster the bike goes, the trickier it is to stay on. Trees whiz past at unbelievable speed and leaves and branches slap at the bike and the rider, sometimes obscuring the view ahead. One wrong move can mean that the bike is suddenly off the trail and the biker will go over the handlebars.

This rider has just received a new GoPro Hero 9 and he has been reading about all of the upgrades and changes that allow for smoother, better, more vivid and watchable footage. He has set out to test the camera, and his nerves on some trails that he has been riding for many years. This POV (Point of View) footage allows you to take the ride with the cyclist, as if you were also experiencing the thrill of the steep trails through some of the most beautiful forest on Canada. You will see greenery, fall colours, rocky stream beds, flat sections through a gorgeous valley, steep drops where intense rains have washed out the trail, and moguls that cause the bike to lift off and leave the ground momentarily. At 1:11, the front wheel rides the top of the ridge while the back wheel gets caught and drags, causing the bike to slide until it drops back into the worn path.

Will you look at the front wheel and the ground in front, or will you look far ahead to make sure you don't find a newly fallen tree in your path? The bike bounces and swerves constantly under the rider as he takes the hills as fast as he dares. This ride resembles a roller coaster ride through the most scenic splendor possible. Sit back and enjoy, although you'll be more likely to watch this from the edge of your seat.