Cyclist compares GoPro Hero 9 and Hero 5 for those reluctant to upgrade

Published September 29, 2020 109 Views

Rumble / Tech ReviewsWith the arrival of the GoPro Hero 9, the action camera fanatics are very excited. They have eagerly tested out the stabilization features and made their comparisons to the Hero 8. The 9 is a clear winner, with very few users having even the slightest complaint. But upgrading when your current camera is working well is something that the enthusiasts can't always justify.

GoPro has been making solid products for years, but the Hero 5 Black was such a fantastic and durable camera that there are still a lot of them around, despite the rough use that these cameras see. The 5 was the first GoPro to have waterproof capabilities right out of the box. A little larger and more rugged than the previous models, the cameras stood up to impacts better. Image stability and the rear screen had people falling in love with it instantly. But they just last so long that forking out more money for the better features that followed didn't make sense to everyone who had one. Resolution didn't increase in the 6, 7, or 8, although the frame rates did. The footage recorded with a Hero 5 Black was impressive enough and the end results weren't dramatically better in the eyes of many.
But the Hero 9 has arrived and that thinking is out the window. Even if your Hero 5 works like new, the upgrade to the 9 is a no brainer. The image stabilization is better than ever, sure, but we expected that to be better. Horizon lock is a new feature that does even more to make the footage steady and watchable. Although cropping is required to achieve a smoother video, the end result is beautiful.

The GoPro 9 has also brought with it an increase in resolution, finally! We now have options for 5K and higher frame rates than ever. Presets and menu options make navigation quick and easy after a little experimentation. But close behind the stabilization leap is the feature called "Hindsight". This is a new and unbelievably cool upgrade that allows the user to essentially go back in time and record moments that have already been missed. '

With the GoPro turned on, but not recording, the hindsight feature works in the background, passively recording what the camera sees before it is told to do so. It can be set to 15 or 30 seconds and activating record by pressing the red button, or by voice command, will cause the Hero 9 to store the past 15 or 30 seconds of what you wouldn't have captured with any other camera.

Whether you forgot to record, or whether you're leaving the recording off to conserve battery, the Hindsight feature could be a lifesaver. For sports enthusiasts or dash cam lovers, or anybody else trying to record moments that happen in an instant, the implications of this feature are incredible.

So, if you're hanging on to your Hero 5 because you're waiting for it to die so you can buy a newer version, the time to treat yourself is now. And selling a used Hero 5 isn't hard to do either. You'll end up paying a very reasonable price for a camera that is about to change everything.

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