Welcome to Trashifornia Part 1 - No Dumping, $5000 Fine

Published September 27, 2020 51 Views

Rumble In my little area of Kalifornia, it is not as nice as it used to be. Outrageous pension plans have gotten the best of Kalifornia's bloated State budget and so there is no money left to enforce laws. Our Political Overlords pass laws such as Prop 47. Just search for "California Prop 47 Crime" It was intended to "help" people. Instead, thieves and organized crime gangs capitalized on the "Prop 47 Loophole". In other words, Prop 47 is now a mechanism for gangs to immunize themselves from felony charges and petty criminals to flourish. Don't waste your time reporting criminals in this state. And so, I give you the results: TRASHIFORNIA 2020 - Part 1