SPINNING AROUND | Joseph James [Official Lyric Video]

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SPINNING AROUND | Joseph James [Official Lyric Video]

Is it time to dance, time for some romance? Sometimes we just need a reminder to help us focus on the good again, whether we are married, engaged, dating, or dreaming. Sometimes we just need a song to help us look towards the future with hope and excitement again. DARE TO DREAM! again.

Spinning around! Dancing with me!
Looking deep in my eyes, I see your love for me.
You’re holding me together, in the hope that I might see,
The vision in your heart, that will truly set us free.

Special thanks to Will Adkins for adding his vocals. Filmed on Monument Creek in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We are going to miss this place for a while as we go back on tour.

If you like my music, I have two new albums out on YouTube and 37 streaming services. This song is the second single release since these two albums. If you want us to come to your community, please contact us through our tour website: https://www.joseph-james.net

I've written over 300 songs and many different sounds and topics. I hope some touch your heart and encourage you to fly and to fulfill the purpose and dream as to why you are here. Blessings and favor in your journey.

Joseph James

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