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OPEN ARMS | Joseph James | [Official Lyric Video]

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OPEN ARMS | Joseph James | [Official Lyric Video]

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"Waiting there with open arms.
Wanting just to touch your heart.
Wanting to keep you from all harm.
His love is seen everywhere.

Painting a..."

Sometimes it's the little things like a sunset, a singing bird, a gentle breeze through our hair...

Do we know we are loved?

OPEN ARMS | Lyrics & Chords | https://www.joseph-james.net/JJ10/index.php/2020/07/05/open-arms-joseph-james/

Special Thanks To:

Will Adkins for adding his vocals and singing with me. He was the lead singer of an 80's rock band in Dallas Texas, SILENT THUNDER.

Amanda Kallander for all the hiking to help me film some of the songs on my two albums as well as adding her acting skills to some of them. Also, for do the camera work on this one and production.

Donna Evanoika | Travel Leaders COS for office space for my studio.

This song is part of the WE ARE AMERICAN Album.

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