BROKEN PIECES | Joseph James | [Official Lyric Video]

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3 years ago

BROKEN PIECES | Joseph James | [Official Lyric Video]

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"Broken pieces on the floor.
Jagged segments out the door.
Scattered through the neighborhood.
No one knows just where they stood.
One Body! One..."

What does Jesus really look like?

BROKEN PIECES | Lyrics & Chords |

This is what my partner in rhyme, Will Adkins, wrote to me last night after he listened to the final mix I had just sent him after we had added his vocals to the song. I am so glad to not be doing all of this myself.

"W h A t @ Fun tastic song.
If your feet aren't tapping and you don't have a smile on your face when this song plays, then you must be asleep." Will Adkins

Filmed on Location | Garden Of The Gods with Pikes Peak, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Special thanks to Will Adkins for his musical insight and vocals. He was the lead singer in the 80's band from Dallas, Texas, SILENT THUNDER. It is so great to be working with him. We are working on his music as well.

Special thanks to Amanda Kallander for hiking with me all over the area, acting, camera and production. She has helped me on several lyric videos on the last two albums and has acted in 2 lyric videos as well as the DARE TO DREAM music video.

Also, special thanks to Donna Evanoika | Travel Leaders COS for providing office space for my studio.

I hope you like the song and the incredible views of the special sites here in this beautiful place. It's time to come together and help each other with succeed in our dreams.

This song is part of the WE ARE AMERICAN Album.

© & ℗ 2020 Joseph James & VaryMedia

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