DARE TO DREAM [Official Lyric Video] | Joseph James

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DARE TO DREAM [Official Lyric Video] | Joseph James

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DARE TO DREAM - w/m Joseph James - © 04.18.19

Tommy’s on the front porch sorting through the lies.
Julie’s in the kitchen with tears in her eyes.
Dreams are all planned and a path to run.
Storms all around, can they weather this one?

This is America, where dreams come true!
This is America, home of the red, white, and blue!
This is America, where freedoms ring!
This is America, where we dare to dream!

[Star Spangled Banner Instrumental] [After 2nd Chorus]
O say can you see by the dawn’s early light.
What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming.

[America The Beautiful Instrumental] [After 3rd Chorus]
America, America, God shed His grace on thee.
And crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea.

Ben’s up on the bridge, looking over the rail.
He didn’t see it coming, what an epic fail.
Everything is gone and all seems lost.
Picking up the pieces, is it too great a cost?

Our dreams are all planned as best as we see.
But when it goes bad can we see through the trees.
The forest’s still there, but we’re lost in the night.
If we just keep going, we can find the light.

LYRICS & GUITAR CHORDS | https://www.joseph-james.net/JJ10/index.php/2020/04/27/dare-to-dream-song-joseph-james-chords-lyrics/

A Patriotic song of dreams! Let's share the hope and encourage each other.

What is it about America that attracts so many people from other countries? It's the ability to live in freedom and pursue your own dreams. America's heritage is about a people who come together in tough times to help each other and the country as a whole. It was built on sacrifice and bravery so that's it's people could live in peace with one another and from enemies on the outside.

America still stands for freedom and peace. Although it isn't perfect, We The People are responsible as individuals to do their part to see our rights are protected. It is also our individual responsibility to treat one another with respect, honor and dignity. There are always forces that would try to tear us apart, to divide and conquer, but they have underestimated the power that is in the culture of America itself.

It is within this culture that many Americans need to remember who we are and rekindle the hope, the destiny, the purpose that spur each individual on to become the person they were created to be, working together and helping each other become more and as a whole a generation that brings hope to the world, showing other countries that they too, can create their own freedom in their own countries. There's a cost and a tremendous price, but overthrowing evil rulers has always come at a cost.

I wrote this song because of all the folks I've talked to here in the USA who were on the verge of giving up and ending their lives. Come on folks, we live in the greatest nation on the earth. We have our problems, but if we can come together and help one another in times of catastrophe, why not on a daily basis. A kind word, a smile and a simple hand to help can save someone's life and give them hope again. I believe in America. I believe in my fellow citizens. I believe we can do it.

I'm starting a new tour in 2020. AMERICA DARE TO DREAM 2020 Tour. We're going wherever we can and are invited and even county fairs to bring this message. It's time for us to encourage each other, listen to each others dreams and start to help each other succeed. It's time for America to win for our families, our neighbors, our nation and our world. Let hope spring up. Let's all stand up, THIS IS AMERICA, WHERE WE DARE TO DREAM!

Thank you for listening to this song and passing it on to one another. I hope it sparks something inside of each of us so that we rise up again, discover our dreams and fly... Blessings in your journey and I hope to see you somewhere on the road.

The DARE TO DREAM Album is now complete for the AMERICA DARE TO DREAM 2020 Tour! This song is the title song of the album. Hope to see you on the road.

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