STILL | Joseph James [Official Lyric Video]

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3 years ago

STILL | Joseph James [Official Lyric Video]

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Have you ever gotten mad at God? ...shook your fist up at Him? ...called Him names? ...didn't understand what was happening to you? ...felt all alone and that He didn't care? Then wondered how He really feels about you? Perhaps you think that He could never love you for that. Well, I have and did. Then He told and showed me this... STILL!

I am so grateful to Him. He didn't leave me when most everyone else did. I'm grateful to my mom, Lily, who's always stood by me and for me. A big thank you to my wife, Janiece, who's traveled with me these past 25 years and showed me so much. To the rest of my family who's stayed by me. To my son, Daniel, for helping me with all of these productions and taking the hike with me today to film this video footage while I was in the middle of the creek, literally. Special thanks to Donna Evanoika who use of some of her office space for the studio, and Anton Thacker and Stella who is helping us in some new business deals. A very huge thank you to my Partner in Rhyme, Will Adkins, who is not only my vocal partner on these songs, but brings more creativeness to the whole thing. We are adding one of his songs to the new album. He was the lead singer of his own band in the '80's in Dallas, Texas, Silent Thunder. To my friends and fans, I hope this song blesses you and encourages you to find out Who Father really is. He's changed my life. My dad left us when I was three, but Father was always there and He's never left me. Blessings in your journey and Dare To Dream! What an adventure it is when we get the proper perspective from His view. Just sayin'!

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The DARE TO DREAM Album is now complete for the AMERICA DARE TO DREAM 2020 Tour! Hope to see you on the road.

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Blessings in life's journey.
Joseph James

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