SOLDIER'S STORY | Joseph James [Official Lyric Video]

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3 years ago


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THIS SONG IS DEDICATED to all of our ACTIVE MILITARY and VETS, to my grandson, my nephew, my uncle, my other family and friends who are or have been in the military. We feel your pain and we just want to help in whatever way we can. We value your lives and what you've done for our country. I hope to see you all on the AMERICA DARE TO DREAM 2020 TOUR. Keep walking forward! Keep dreaming and going for your dreams! There are people counting on you staying alive and not giving up. They need you too!

One morning after counseling a dear friend who is a vet, as well as many others I've talked to especially on Fort Carson and the Air Force Academy, I awakened at 3 in the morning. The Lord told me to write a new song for my new DARE TO DREAM Album called SOLDIER'S STORY. He cares so much for all of us. During the next 3 hours while I was in and out of sleep, I saw the whole story in dreams. As I awakened to get up for the day, I heard the Lord tell me these words, 'Jesus, take the wheel!' After I had showered, I went in the other room and my wife called me over to look at a meme on her computer. The second to the last line in the meme was 'Jesus, take the wheel!' Knowing the Lord was very serious about this song, I immediately went over to my computer and wrote out the story as I had seen it and then started to write it in song format. Then I went to the studio to start putting it together.

It is my hope that this song reaches many, whether military or not, especially during those deep, dark moments in their life where everything seems impossible and there is no hope. The Lord met me in one of those moments and saved my life. I had lost everything and felt like a complete failure, but He wasn't through with me. He picked me up off the broken path from which I had fallen face first in the mud and started the process of rebuilding my life, so I know He can do it for anyone else. Hope, Peace, Love, Grace and His favor to you all.

I have found, to my surprise, that this song is for everyone not just our military. A dear friend told that she identified with this song even though she wasn't military. We all have those "classified" places in our hearts that we've locked up to anyone trying to peer in, but we need to unlock the door in order to truly be free.

It is my hope that this song eventually goes viral and gets into the hands of all who need to hear its message. If you like it, please pass it on and watch for the final SOLDIER'S STORY in Music Video (COMING SOON!) I am looking for soldiers and vets to be in this video.

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The DARE TO DREAM Album is now complete for the AMERICA DARE TO DREAM 2020 Tour! Hope to see you on the road.

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Blessings in life's journey.
Joseph James

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