NOT ALONE | Joseph James | [Official Music Video]

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3 years ago

NOT ALONE | Joseph James | [Official Music Video]

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This is My place, you can come and rest.


ALONE? Sometimes that's not a good word to hear, nor experience. We can begin to feel isolated and then other thoughts start to come in.

In this time of social distancing and fear of the unknown, remember we are not alone. There is Someone who is there with us in everything and that makes all the difference. Look up! In this time, perhaps it might be a good thing to look to your dreams. Nothing is impossible! It just takes a bit of time, sometimes. Climb your mountain! Stake your flag on top of it! Shout out in victory! It's yours for the taking. No one else can.

The DARE TO DREAM Album is now complete for the AMERICA DARE TO DREAM 2020 Tour! Hope to see you on the road.

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Blessings in life's journey.
Joseph James

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