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Rumble So I find rumble a great platform. Way better than youtube which is owned by Google who controls everything. I can actually make a couple bucks which is fun,
but the main reason I'm on rumble is because I'm trying to get my handsome pit bull famous. His name is Bruno the pitbull. I got so excited because the last video I posted ended up getting 20000 hits and the next day I logged on and I was gone. Like the most of us. Buried by news. My only issue is, I love Dan bongino and I'm so glad he's on here, spreading the word like a true patriot. So I look at Bruno and then watch a podcast and figure, what the hell.... I'll try and compete. Not that I have a chance. Lol. Even though he gets like 2000 rumbles and I get 109 or so, I feel like it's worth the challenge. So i Will be trying to go head to head with DAN BONGINO. Funny thing is, bruno and Dan are exact. Cute as hell, but don't piss him off. Dan.... give my boy a shout out or something? Like Sleepy Joe Hiding would say.... come on man, help a dog out. Lololol.

... and disable advertisements! No kidding :)