Joe Biden Corruption Timeline

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Rumble A video demonstrating the corruption of Joe Biden graphed on a timeline.
Biden Timeline
Late summer 2006 - Hunter and James Biden purchased Padigm Global Advisors
August 23, 2008 - Barak obama announces Joe Biden as running mate
January 20, 2009 - Biden becomes Vice president
June 2009 - Hunter founds Rosemont Seneca Partners (Christpher Heinz and Devon Archer)
2010-2011 - Rosemount Seneca takes off - wealthy Chinese investors (partnereing with the Thornton Group) - included travel to China meeting government-fund leaders
2012-2013 - Rosemount Seneca joins Chinese private equity fund Bohai Capital to form BHR Partners (BOhai Harvest)
Dec 4: 2013 - Airforce Two to China - Hunter Biden organises for his chinese counterpart to meet Joe Biden.
Dec 14 2013 - BHR Partners sign 1 billion dollar equity deal with Bank of China (expanded later to 1.5 billion dollars) - Posting savings bank
April 2014 Hunter joins Burisma Holdings and paid 1 million dollars a year
February 2014 wife of moscow mayor wires 3.5 million to Rosemont Seneca Thornton
2014 Burisma paid 7 million dollars to prosecutors as a bribe
Dec 2014: - BHR invests in big chinese companies - chinese general nuclear fund
- caught steeling secrets to miniature nuclear technology on submarines
2015 Hunter Biden - BHR partners - helped but auto-parts maker (Henniges) - transferred to AVIC (Chinese military aircraft maker)…. sensitive dual use technology with military benefits (49% BHR partners and 51% (chinese military contractor). …. this passed through the government (Kerry’s state department). AVIC (aerospace / defence conglomerate) had been sanctioned 5 times due to proliferation of missile programs In Iran.
Dec 2015 - Gemini-Gemini-Rosemontt formed (Rosemont Realty - chinese company Gemini -
linked to PLA navy - buy
Gemini Rosemont - 100 million in cash +
March 2016 - Prosecuter fired that was investigating Burism
2017 Biden acquires 10% stake in BHR (1-1.5 billion dollar company)
2018 Biden’s law firm receives 4.5 million dollars from chinese company.

2013 - joe biden china’s growth

2013 to 2015 - obama united states put a moritorium on flight in south china sea

2013-2014 - obama SEC reaches that China companies don’t have to fully comply with
accounting principles to join US stock exchanges