About Jesus

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Rumble From July:History of the World in a Year by the Conservative Voice
The real story of Jesus is confronting. Born 2000 years ago to Joseph and Mary, first cousins and descendants of King David. Mary was the mother. Not married when Jesus was conceived. Close family to John the Baptist's parents, Jesus was a few months younger than John. Jesus' early years were in Egypt. but he was still a child when he returned home near Jerusalem. Jesus grew up and left home, finding and leading some disciples. He was baptised by John. He was loved by God. He sacrificed himself so that God could get close to us. He rose from the dead and has given the Holy Spirit for us to call on him, so that we can be close to God.

Many say they do not believe in Jesus. They don't believe he existed. They don't believe he was God. They don't believe he returned from the dead. They don't believe he did other miracles. They don't believe he died for our sin.

We know Jesus was real because people who knew him testified both for and against him. People who researched his life soon after his death agreed about his journey in life. It is likely the Shroud of Turin has his image.

We know Jesus was God by his actions, signs and miracles which were prophesied in scripture and fulfilled by him. He fed the starving, healed the sick, knew the Law and loved God. He walked on water, calmed storms, turned water into wine and taught with authority. Demons testified he was Lord.

We know about the crucifixion and resurrection because his enemies admitted they crucified him and that he was resurrected. The high priest of the day was buried with a crucifixion nail. Taking his 'secret' to the grave. One enemy, Saul, was converted and became an author of much of the new testament.

Thanks to the Holy Spirit, we can know God personally. Thanks to Jesus. Read his word in the Bible, and learn the sound of his voice. He can talk to you. Everyone has needs. Jesus can satisfy you. He died and rose again so you might know Him.