Out Of Shadows (Documentary)

3 years ago

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Hi Group!  Just putting this out there.  I have been using a personal frequency machine for 2 years now (purchased in the US). and it has finally come to Canada!!!  If you understand frequency, everything is and holds a frequency, then you know the importance of keeping it healed and balanced.  ESP with the EMF’s and 5G trying to kill us!  Here is a link you can check out the videos. And if yo go to shop Canada you can see the different devices.  Its a pretty amazing product.  There is also an opportunity for you to run your own business selling them.  I personally use mine to treat my kids, me, my doggos and I have used it in my practise with reiki and Bach flower remedies. It is a great add-on for your clients or fo personal!!   Let me know if you have questions about it!  We def need to be protecting our energy, esp now❤️❤️


SAVE THE CHILDREN. A behind the scences look into the dark and disgusting child sex traffic ring and satanic cults with its ties to celebrities and Jefferey Epstein

Healy is a new and amazing personal healing machine. Please contact for more information 528lovefrenquency528@gmail.com

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