My Millionaire Boyfriend Is 27 Years Older Than Me | LOVE DON'T JUDGE

Published September 24, 2020 166 Views

Rumble AN AGE-GAP couple have gone viral on social media after hitting back at ‘gold-digger’ comments they received from followers and from those closest to them. When entrepreneur Robert, aged 55, first came across social media influencer Sophia, aged 28, neither of them expected to fall in love. Now dating for almost two years, they are planning to get married and raise a family - even with an age difference of 27 years. Robert, who is the founder of the global craze 'Sillybandz' and 'Sanitizer Bracelets', initially mistook Sophia for his friend’s niece - but after realising this was not the case, he soon followed her on Instagram and began to exchange messages. After struggling financially in her previous marriage, Sophia had her eyes set on a partner who would be able to afford a more luxurious lifestyle. However many people, including Robert’s friends, have accused Sophia of being a “gold digger” - a term to describe somebody who is only dating a millionaire such as Robert for his money. Sophia told Truly: "I just call it being responsible.” Robert added: “I get a lot of crap for it on a daily basis where friends of mine think that she is a gold digger and they don't realise that she makes her own money and does really well.” Since then, the couple have harnessed the negative comments, becoming a viral sensation online.