2019 Mustang GT A10 vs Dodge Charger 392's & Mustangs

Published September 23, 2020 110 Views $0.03 earned

Rumble 2019 Mustang GT A10 (Camera Car) - Fully Loaded full weight Magneride car. Steeda XPipe on Active Exhaust, Ford Performance Magneride Handling Pack Suspension on 20's.

2017 Dodge Charger 392 (First Race) - Exhaust & possibly tuned (Car was bought used).

2020 Dodge Charger 392 Wide Body (Second Race) - Exhaust and driver is new to the car.

2020 Green Mustang GT A10 (3rd and 4th Race) - Stock Premium Trim. First race both cars in Drag Mode but 2020 Mustang didn't turn AdvanceTrac completely off and bogged between shifts.