Heroic young man cycles across Canada for a very touching reason

Published September 22, 2020 96 Views

Rumble / Everyday HeroesJake Musgrave is a young man with an incredible dream. He has embarked on a 30 day bicycle ride to cross Canada, the second largest and widest country on the planet. Starting in Vancouver where the Pacific Ocean meets the province of British Columbia, he will pedal over 200km (120 miles) every day without a rest until he reaches the Atlantic ocean on the east side of Canada 6,000km (3,728 miles) away.
Jake lost his father to Leukemia when he was 8 years old. His father was a firefighter, and a devoted family man, and he served his community unselfishly. Jake wanted to do something to honour his father and to contribute to funding that will find cures and treatments for those suffering from the same disease. It is no wonder that he would also take on a mission that is heroic and courageous, as well as unselfish. Jake is riding to collect pledges for leukemia and lymphoma research through his Gofundme page.

Jake also wanted to make a statement about the current need to wear a mask to prevent the spread of Covid19. He is riding every kilometer while wearing a mask to demonstrate that if he can exercise for most of the day in a mask that it is very possible for anyone to wear one throughout the day, as needed.

As many as 1,000 people have crossed Canada on a bicycle, but most have done so with a team, or heavily supported. Riding in a group provides the opportunity to draft behind other riders and rest, which requires a much lower effort. Only a few have ever succeeded in completing this trip solo. To do so in 30 days is a feat that is nothing short of superhuman. Jake is a spin class instructor and year-round athlete, but even for him, this trip required training and preparation that was a feat in itself.

Jake is being supported by Kess Rowe, Roan McMillan, and Duncan Segers, three close friends who are equally committed and unselfish. They drive along the route in front of, or behind Jake, planning meals and arranging accommodations and carrying the supplies that they need. Most nights are spent camping in a tent where they can find a quiet spot. Jake has also been provided with some sponsorship to cut down on expenses. This team of dedicated young people are spending a lot of their own money and giving all of their time simply out of generosity.
As Jake and the crew arrived in Ontario, word had reached a team there called Pedal for Hope. This team is made up of police officers who also ride bicycles for cancer research. In a show of support for this ambitious trek, one of the members of Pedal for Hope met Jake and rode with him for a few hours, extending the best wishes of the team. With the use of a helmet camera, this video gives us an on-the-move perspective of Jake's journey. The camera also recorded some of the conversation between Jake and the other rider, who is obviously very impressed with what Jake has undertaken.

A lot of the miles are behind Jake, but some of the hardest rides are ahead. The weather is getting cooler and the toll that intense exertion takes on the human body will make each day more difficult than the one before.

As Jake makes his way, he asks the rest of the world to consider helping him reach his fundraising goals. Any contributions are greatly appreciated.


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