A Beautiful & Easy Crochet Blanket from Left Over Yarn

Published September 21, 2020 49 Views

Rumble A comfy blanket is like a cozy hug for the body, and now you can create one as a gift to yourself, or as a special treat for someone you care about.

At first, this beautiful blanket may look complicated to crochet, but when I show you how easy it is, you will fall in love with this pretty project.

The best part is that you can craft it from all of your left-over yarn! You can either make a blanket of one solid color or a multicolor masterpiece.

The steps will always be the same. 😊

Good luck, have fun, and don’t forget to share your fantastic project with me when you try them out.

I’d love to see your masterpieces! :)

Be Kind and Stay Safe! xo

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