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3 years ago

You know what other three theories also don't work?--"Evolution", Freudian Psychology, & Communism/Socialism!!!!


I had an extremely fun & hard time getting the audio to come out for this first vid, so listen in closely, & try to understand what the words are, volume adjustment may be needed.

Transcript: Is “Evolution” even possible? No, it is not. The chances of life spawning out of a burning rock is literally zero. The mitochondrial DNA in all creatures would have each the characteristics of most of the other creatures, in fact, our very own DNA would have specific characteristics of other creatures as well. Yet, all forms of life, for animals have eyes, bugs are invertebrates, sea creatures have fins. And a creature can’t just spectacularly pick the traits it wants to develop, so sectional development couldn’t have work. In fact, most creatures are so complex, that if a particular organ, had to develop over time, none of said creatures would be alive. You are so complex, that your brain literally puts our processing power, your body is an ultimate machine full of life, your brain is the computer, and your spirit is the user. If “evolution” was accurate despite everything just said, Your life would go through many stages of different creatures due to the unlocked genes, and by the time you died, you would barely make it to the final form, let alone if you could get to human, as a final step. A cotton factory produces cotton, a womb produces it like kind. All the above actually suggest intelligent design. The DNA appears to resemble a signature of someone. Is it not curious to you that throughout all of the universe, your little rock you live on is perfectly distant from its star at a nearly perfect temperature varying within 13 degrees that life is allowed to live? Have you ever realized that despite other forms of life being found on Mars like lizards and ancient reptiles, Earth is the only one with sustained life? Has it ever occurred to you that bacteria can be found on comets that have an atmosphere? Has it been made known to you that one of the most awesome machines ever made, was no more than a majority of simply carbon and water, not even the size of a spec of an atom in comparison to the universe? Lucy is simply an extinct type of ape, that has more orangutan like features, they’ve examined the bones, there is no alternative explanation. It could only stand from its legs for a limited time due to the muscle structure around its hips. There is no actual proof that neanderthals existed, in fact, they are just assortments of pieces of extinct species of, a displaced bone of another animal, older humans, or humans with disorders like extreme arthritis. Now that we have established from above that each creature was made with intelligent design. It wouldn’t make sense that some people would be partly neanderthal, because first off, they don’t exist, second of all, 96.5% of human DNA is identical to primates, & thirdly, they could be related simply to some of the mislabeled older humans. Charles Darwin & Sigmund Freud were both obviously mistaken about what they believed, but limited by the scientific equipment of their time, the stances made sense in a way, at first first glance. They also did make known & or discover new developments in science. Charles Darwin upon wondering how life suddenly one day came into existence, tried to essentially use what somewhat resembles a modern microscope to view bacteria, thinking they were a simpler form of life. So he thought that bacteria was spontaneously generated, so that must be how live also came into existence. So how is that reasoning somehow credible in any era? That life just casually spawns up everyday like, no biggy. To his theory, why would bacteria still be around? Because of the need to develop better characteristics, life became larger. Then why didn’t bacteria follow along? Is it because most of the genes are locked down? That’s exactly right. His own logic is broken, as there is no way he could put bacteria into a category of a separate spawning of life, because then how we came to be wouldn’t make sense. That his theory is called by many The Spontaneous Generation Theory, because Reason # 1, life spontaneously generated one day along with bacteria (which is also alive) one day, and bacteria is still being generated to this day for some reason somehow. Reason # 2, it that the idea of this theory was spontaneously generated in Darwin’s brain, it literally came out of nowhere. However, Darwin did make micro-evolution more accepted which is fact. Micro-evolution is the slow change of a few of a creature’s genes to better adapt to input whether from the environment, food, radiation, etc... Sigmund Freud, was also stupid in his own way, but also a pervert, as he was sexually aroused by his mom when he was only a boy one day when he “accidentally” saw her undressing. Whenever something was troubling a person that he didn’t understand or didn’t appear physical, he would instantly say that it is in their mind, they have an inability to accept reality or their status in life, etc…. Then he might even give a medical diagnosis to the person, revolving around mental status, when for we know, it could’ve been a parasite eating one's brain, a non-apparent physical issue. Freud also thought the way you are is only because of how you were nursed, brought up, & what the environment is like around you, when obviously humans are much more than a storage unit & logic program. However Sigmund Freud did get parts of one thing right, and that is the recognition of the Ego, the Id, & the Super-Ego, which are the basic workings, and overall mechanical setup and functions of how a brain operates; as like your consciousness, your subconscious, processing part of your brain, and possibly a want that extends from one “section” to the others. Sigmund looked up to and greatly admired Darwin, he was much younger than Darwin, and was greatly influenced by his work which would direct him toward psychoanalysis. Freud was not an orthodox jew, but he did have some instructions from the scriptures, whether that means anything at all or not. Karl Marx was also mistaken on his theory, Communism. Although living partially communally is actually a benefit, as you can rely on one another & also spread excess capital. Communism is essentially slow death. Under the toughness of early industrial capitalism, Karl Marx under a Monarchy wants the peasants to finally get some rights, and get the pay they deserve, so people upon his teaching of the people will rule, communally, overthrow monarchy in Russia. However, for everyone to rule was too democratic and would result in chaos, so a select group of people became the rulers. As you may have already caught on, Communism is like an early test phase for a U.S.-like political system. However, it is not necessarily capitalistic, being more feudal in nature. So now, the Russians would set up that economy that we just mentioned, right? Wrong. The ruling party does essentially what a monarchy en-tales, they set up themselves as supreme rulers and elect a party head official to rule of the land, instead of setting up different branches of government filled with people elected by other people in particular areas around Russia. Now some would say, Oh, that was a failed attempt at a good political system & economy, they could try it again. Well, instead of that, how about they just go straight to the stink’in U.S.-like political system and avoid all the trouble & chance of reverting back to a dictatorship? That is because Karl Marx as stated before can’t handle the stress of the world he lives in & is too worn to go on somehow, like as if he had the worst life. So really, Karl Marx wanted a simpler, less technological culture, yet he didn’t understand he would be working just as hard in an agricultural one. In that same way though, an increase in agriculture in the U.S. would be a benefit. Some people said well, if we slowly import communism, and make it slightly less harsh, people will accept it. Well no Steiner Sherlock. That’s how you slowly integrate anything that people don’t want, you also have to give them a reason, like lets say, a Plandemic, so that they have to rely on the people pushing socialism to get an essential item in life, & unwilling trade their position, to stand with more socialistic values, whether they like it or not. You also can’t come out and address it directly, because then people will riot & start an uprising. However, socialism is even more dumb than communism because now there is an even larger gap of time for the society to become totalitarian. Communism wants the state to provide everything through people’s labor, which ignores the individual’s rights (being more feudalistic in nature as stated above), creating that the state issues bread out or a small amount of currency to buy different forms of food. Socialism wants everything to be free, which is the same exact thing, just worded differently. Sigmund Freud, Charles Darwin, & Karl Marx all had a few things in common, they were all marked with depression, had severe family problems, a lack of fulfillment, & a godless lifestyle, & BROKEN THEORIES.

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