Tony Katz Today - 9-18-2020 - Part Two Podcast

Published September 20, 2020 488 Views
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On this episode:
- Speaker Pelosi finally sides with Law and Order, while support for BLM goes down across the country
- AG Bill Barr did not compare lockdowns to slavery
- It is not antisemitism to talk about George Soros
- Leland Vittert of Fox News on the St. Louis prosecutor who won't go after criminals but is focused on the McCloskeys, who protected their home with guns from BLM activists who broke through their neighborhood gate

The Big Story: Speaker Pelosi refuses to give the American people credit for knowing the difference between rioters and protesters. But America knows the difference, which is why the outrage over Attorney General Bill Barr's comments only exist in the beltway and on social media.


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