Pull the Pin Already (Episode #10):Gender Roles in a marriage

Published September 20, 2020 1 Views

Rumble Pull the Pin Already (Episode #10): Jim and Mike discuss their views on "Gender Roles in a marriage" and if they even exist anymore. Well, do they? They discuss Traditional vs Non-Traditional and where they believe it all began. Is it good for society to progress or should we remain in the past roles as our Mothers and Fathers before us? Where are we going with the acceptance of more Non-Traditional relationships more and more each year. What's your take on this topic and do you believe America should dial it back a little and return to our roots? They discuss the roles of Husband and Wife and analyze the value of each. You may be surprised at where they stand so come on and join the conversation. Watch/listen to their views and let them know if you agree or disagree? Do you think they're perspectives/views are valid? Come join the conversation. Let them know by discussing your own views in the comments below. If you like what they have to say click the like button below and share this video with your friends. Don’t forget to subscribe and hit the notification bell for future episodes.

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