Tamborine Wine Tasting

Published September 19, 2020 26 Views

Rumble Do you know someone who loves wine? Cheche loves it. Looking at her bag, it's pretty obvious she bought wine but I think she wants more.

We had a lovely visit to this distillery. For $5.00 you get three liqueurs and one spirit tasting. My husband and I tasted each other so we got more tastings. They were really quite delicious and we ended up buying three bottles of some very tasty liqueurs in beautiful bottles. They would be a great present but we are keeping ours.

It would be easy to walk out with half a dozen bottles full of different flavors if you like something small but tasty after dinner. An artist/owner used to do the pattern on the bottles by hand but now they do prints of the originals and it is done mechanically as it was too much for one person to do. An unexpected pleasure to finish off our great day in the mountains.

Address: Mt Tamborine Gold Coast Hinterland, Queensland, Australia

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