Can we blame lockdowns & riots on BAPTISTS & BOOTLEGGERS? with economist Darren Brady Nelson

3 years ago

Not actual ones, just the economic ones. The latter sheds a 'bright light' on why and how the morals of true believers regularly align with the money of true deceivers. And the results are usually and predictably bad for almost everyone, even the Baptists themselves.

No political conspiracies are required, only economic incentives. These incentives are the large and concentrated benefits versus the smaller and defused costs, both psychic and material, from government hand-outs and favors. Official history only highlights half the story with the Baptists, sound economics completes it with the Bootleggers.

For over 25 years Mr. Nelson has advised governments, media, think tanks & corporations - on topics including antitrust, infrastructure, and justice. He is the author of “Ten Principles of Regulation & Reform” and The "Bootleggers and Baptists" of the Coronavirus Crisis.

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