Why is the American Flag Important - American Revolution 2.0

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Want to know what American Flag means to me? What does the stripes mean on the American Flag? What do the stars on the American Flag stand for? Want to know why American Flag have 50 stars? What do the colors of the American flag represent? What is the importance of a flag? Why is the American Flag red white and blue?

This video by Josh Ellis with American Revolution 2.0 covers topics in regard to the effort to help reopen and restore America. Our country is under attack from ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, career politicians, corrupt attorneys, crooked judges, snitch mentality, psychiatry, NWO, global government, the elite, etc. WE THE PEOPLE must come together, organize, strategize, and TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK! AR2 Patriot Network is establishing the means to restore our country and the United States Constitution.

American Revolution 2.0 organized the May 1 peaceful protests in every state capitol across the country, we organized the protest to defend Atilis Gym in New Jersey, we held the Memorial Day peaceful protest at Point Pleasant Beach in New Jersey, we defended Nichole Missino of Giovanni's barber shop in Pennsylvania, any many other things.

American Revolution 2.0 has been featured in the Washington Times, Jon Rappaport's No More Fake News, InfoWars War Room w/ Owen Shroyer, Sonja Schmidt Show, Black and Right w/ John Anthony, Gun for Hire w/ Anthony Colandro, The Crusade Channel w/ Mike Church, Ringside Politics w/ Jeff Crouere, Dad with a Phone, Mark Meckler Show, Vice, The Guadrian, and many more.

These videos are to document the progress of the American Revolution 2.0 movement and progress.


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