One More Run - 1 minute stay at home challenge

Published September 19, 2020 7 Views

Rumble This is my second film riot, one minute, stay at home challenge. I filmed it in my apartment. I went for a Western/Noir look and threw in a little comedy. Working with what I had, I used some props from an old short film and used a black and white, hard contrast look to try and hide as much as I could that I was in a modern apartment. Since I can't shoot out my front door and still social distance, I decided to shoot through my balcony door while blowing out the highlights to hide the outside. With out doing so it would have been obvious that I was going in and out a third story porch door and not the main entrance.
I used two songs from the MusicBed playlist, "The Rules Have Changed" and "What Can Love Do". I replaced all audio with Foley as my apartment is quite noisy and I had to grab what I could here and there during the brief moments of silence. I hope you enjoy. I hope everyone is staying safe from this corona virus, this covid-19 is sure putting a damper on things, but I am enjoying these stay at home, short film, challenges.