New Zealander Shows How to Wear A Face Mask without Elastic Bands

Published September 17, 2020 2,229 Views $0.56 earned

Rumble / Do It YourselfOccurred on September 11, 2020 / Wellington, New Zealand

Info from Licensor: "I filmed this facemask hack and it makes people laugh. We all need a bit of laughter right now! I used to do arts and crafts on TV shows and I'm known for my craft skills in New Zealand and Australia.
I'm a published author, illustrator and also a props and costume maker having worked on Narnia and The Hobbit and other smaller films.
In this COVID-19 world we need to wear facemasks for protection. I’ve been making heaps of them; 150 or more, and everyone is trying to find better ways of managing fogging glasses, hearing aids and hair with this new normal. Along with my sewing skills I also have a sense of humour- which we all need right now before we go batshit crazy! I occurred to me that magnets would be great to clip the masks on an off but couldn’t see a way to do it. Then the naughty side of me said ‘surgically implant them!’ but a joke. Not for real. The idea made me laugh and I put this video together in about 20 minutes to amuse myself and friends. It seems to be taking off on my facebook page!
I show kids how to do cheap Halloween special effects with sticking plaster and paint, so I got some Elastoplast, glue gunned some raised bumps it, stitched them and added a bit of colour then taped 4 magnets to my face with them, and blended it in with a bit of makeup.
I made my video on Microsoft video editor with the copyright free music. The books at the end of the video are my own, published by Scholastic New Zealand."