Imaginative scuba driver mimes a comical explanation of a historic shipwreck

Published September 15, 2020 96 Views $0.13 earned

Rumble / Ocean LifeCameron is a seasoned scuba diver with a very seasoned imagination. While on a recent dive trip with his family in Tobermory, Ontario, he decided to give his rendition of the events from a stormy night almost a century ago. But communicating underwater with a regulator in your mouth and a mask on your face is difficult. Scuba divers are quite good at overcoming this through the use of gestures and hand motions.
Cameron's family is exploring the wreckage of a wooden tugboat that had been bashed against the rocks near the shore during a violent storm. At least, that's what the records indicate. But Cameron's investigation of the wreck, and his vivid imagination, present a different set of circumstances.

According to Cameron, the captain of the boat was drinking a little alcohol and had become inebriated. He drove the boat. He drank some booze, and he drove the boat even faster. His incredulous father asked if this was accurate and verified. Cameron insisted that it was. And he continued the Captain was as "sauced as a squid" and he piled the ship up on the rocks due to miscalculation and altered judgement. Motioning with his mask, he seems to be telling us that the Captain was drinking doubles and seeing double. As the ship sank, the Captain went down with the ship. And that's the real version of the events that took place in Georgian Bay on Lake Huron almost 100 years earlier.

Of course, Cameron's version of the events is purely fictional and complete speculation. He's simply making an attempt at scuba humour and his dad, who has an equally vivid imagination is playing along just for fun. Without a doubt, this wreck was caused by the extreme and unpredictable weather that the Great Lakes are famous for.

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