Witness, documents emerge to undercut Homeland whistleblower championed by Schiff

Published September 15, 2020 46,994 Views

Rumble The Trump administration is producing documents and a senior Homeland Security Department witness to undercut allegations made by the latest federal whistleblower to be championed by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff.


  • Passionflower333, 4 days ago

    Schiff is a snitch that gives leaks classified info to media! POS needs to be prosecuted!

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  • DKennell, 2 days ago

    Why is he STILL on any committees? He's a proven liar and obstructor! NO censor, no dismissal... this jerk needs some serious accountability Sue him until he's broke. Make sure he never gets another job in government ever again...

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  • MisterWales, 3 days ago

    We need to start playing HARDBALL with the creeps who use our `justice` system to get everything they want (as we pay for it). There should be a special board created to determine when something is frivolous, and someone should be made to pay (remove their tax exemption, or something just as injurious to themk).

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  • ThatGunGuy, 2 days ago

    Sorry to say that it's going to take a Revolution or Civil War to bring us back to our Constitutional foundings.

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    • Genem, 2 days ago

      Sadly, we seem to be halfway there.

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  • AuntyKanikilee, 2 days ago

    Schiff will continue this type of bs until there is a consequence! I say force him to retire just like the congressional victims of the #METOO movement were forced to step aside ( I would have said step down but I don't think shifty schiff can go any lower)

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  • AngelLady, 2 days ago

    We need to make sure we win and get this hateful Schiff off the committee. Imagine loving the hate you spew. I truly think they are mentally ill. We need to bring back the mental institutions.

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  • Jimmy1949, 2 days ago

    This behavior reminds me of school days...teacher would leave the room and all hell would break loose! Only difference is, the teacher ain't ever coming back!! Congress needs constant oversight, term limits, mental evals on a bi-yearly basis, and be held accountable by actionable means !!

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  • HeartTOHeart, 20 hours ago

    There is no accountability. Who is going to hold him accountable, Pelosi?!!!! Until he has to be accountable for his lies, which we have heard for almost four years now... he will keep doing it. #CommonSense We need to take back the house, we need to get the vote out 2020

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  • bhprecott, 1 day ago

    Sedition by Slithering Schiff

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  • StevenLFritz, 2 days ago

    It is so odd that I can smell Adam Shit from Minnesota.

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  • nov15tom, 1 day ago

    Schitt should be prosecuted without delay.

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  • OutsideLookingIn, 1 day ago

    Shifty Schiff what a piece a shit.

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  • JTWooten, 1 day ago

    Adam piece of Shit

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  • HunnyClark, 1 day ago

    Rep Adam Schiff is a control freak

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