Clydesdale horse becomes sleepy as he enjoys a head massage

Published September 14, 2020 573 Views $33.35 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsSampson is a magnificent Clydesdale horse who loves being petted and massaged. He is a noble and massive beast who has a gentle nature and sensitive personality. He enjoys quiet interaction with people and will stand and accept attention for as long as it is offered.

Having worked hard on a farm in his former life, he is enjoying a second chapter now, at a beautiful farm called the Mane Intent. This farm provides visitors with many benefits, one of which is emotional therapy. Part of Sampson's new life involves interacting with first responders and victims of trauma to help them connect and find a way through their challenges.

For Sampson, life here is an easy and peaceful one. He has friends in his herd and he lives in what a horse would describe as a little piece of paradise.

It is not surprising that people who come here are drawn to Sampson. He is massive and powerful, yet he has a gentle and careful nature that is simply magical. To stand in the presence of such a majestic being and to interact with him like this is a very relaxing and thought-provoking experience. Encounters like this one are extremely therapeutic and it's no wonder that people have been enjoying the benefits of farms like this one for many years.


  • Sheming, 2 days ago

    Having had “drafties” myself, I can arrest to their affectionate and gentle ways. Some are more like dogs than horses! These awesome animals are disappearing fast. Only few folks have a need, let alone the budget, to keep “big” horses nowadays. If it weren’t for these horses’ ancestors our nation wouldn’t be what it is today. They were the literal “engines” of farming, commerce, transportation, manufacturing and public works well before and during the industrial revolutions of Great Britain and the United States. HAIL the DRAFT HORSE!

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  • gaxx, 6 days ago

    wow that's amazing

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  • C_Smith, 1 week ago

    I think I just decided I want an horse after watching this video

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  • phucpham, 1 week ago

    so funny

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