Neighbor's Fire Isn't the Only Thing Getting Out of Control

Published September 14, 2020 187 Views

Rumble Occurred on September 8, 2020 / Salado, Texas

Info from Licensor: Watch until the end. The landlord set the fire. The landlord abandoned it. I had been monitoring the fire for hours. The fire was under control at the time and only needed basic monitoring to ensure it didn’t grow to a danger.

We have well water here. The fire is buried under a foot of dense-packed material that was wet from rain. The fire is deep in the center so spraying the top with water is the wrong way to put it out and wastes water. I asked if he had a metal rake because if he wants to put it out I can rake it open for him so it goes out with under 5 gallons of water.

Before recording, I tried to tell him that and he began cussing me out. So I started recording. This is how it played out. After he assaulted me he stole my phone and ran away. I offered to not press charges if he just returned the stolen property and even had a third party make the offer on my behalf. He refused and when police arrived the phone was recovered and charges were pressed against him and officers educated him on his crimes. He will face a judge."