President Trump Signs Executive Order To Lower Drug Prices

Published September 14, 2020 1,850 Views

Rumble It's a follow-up on a promise the president made in late July.


  • BLACKMEB, 2 days ago

    excited about RUMBLE, time for screw tube to get their act together

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  • ThatGunGuy, 2 days ago

    Exactly. Why should the People of the USA be the ONLY group of people to pay the costs associated with the R&D of new drugs while the rest of the world, especially Europe, pay NONE of those costs? We're financing the rest of the world's healthcare.

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  • Purpleplushie1, 4 hours ago

    And big pharma hate him for it to.

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  • davebrowncoach, 3 days ago

    Alright! That will help especially with mental health in these stressful times!

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