Snake that pretends to be a cobra

Published September 12, 2020 83 Views

Rumble The hognose snake is sometimes called the puff adder. When it is threatened, it raises its head and puffs out and flattens the skin around its neck - like a cobra. It hisses loudly, and lunges towards the threat. It is all a show! It lunges with its mouth closed! If that doesn't work, it rolls over onto its back, open its mouth, hangs it tongue out of the side of its mouth, and plays dead. It may play dead for several minutes before carefully turning over and looking around to see if it is safe. If it is rolled back onto its belly when it is playing dead, it will roll back onto its back! They are not poisonous and their favorite prey is toads, but it also preys on frogs, salamanders, small mammals, birds, and invertebrates. The eastern hognose snake uses its nose to root around for toads in their burrows. When a toad is disturbed by a hognose snake, it will often puff itself up like a balloon. The eastern hognose will uses his long rear fangs to pop the toad so it can swallow it. This one was in the Northwoods of Wisconsin sunning himself on a warm early fall day. Pretty cute, if you ask me!!