Affectionate dolphin has heartwarming interaction with young swimmer

Published September 11, 2020 518 Views $6.48 earned

Rumble / Unreal AnimalsDolphins are among the most beloved creatures on earth. They capture our hearts and touch our souls with their antics and their extreme intelligence. They swim gracefully and move with a fluidity and speed that we all admire. They even seem to wear a perpetual smile on their faces.

These lucky swimmers joined some dolphins at a resort in Cuba for an interaction that they will never forget. "Bia", a beautiful an playful female dolphin jumped and played with these Canadian tourists for over an hour. But during this encounter, she seemed to take a particular liking to Nic, a young man who had never met dolphins up close. He was overwhelmed with Bia's attention and he laughed with delight as she nudged him and pressed her beak to his cheek as if giving him a kiss. She playfully splashed water in his face with amazing precision as everybody laughed and cheered.

Nic found himself pushed gently away from the group as Bia focused on him during this display. Although Bia is gentle, she is a very large and powerful dolphin, weighing 180kgs (400lbs) and even a gentle stroke of her powerful tail can propel her through the water with ease.
When it was time for the guests to leave the water, Bia leaped and danced, appearing in front, behind, and alongside them in the blink of an eye. Dolphins are among the fastest moving animals in the ocean.

Bia gave the guests a final kiss and some more affection as they climbed out of the water. They were obviously very reluctant to say goodbye to their new friend.

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