She's Not A Gold Digger - She Is My Wife! | LOVE DON'T JUDGE

Published September 11, 2020 121 Views

Rumble With 30 years between them, couple Tiffaney, 36, and Don, 65, have been mistaken for father and daughter – both in real life and online where they share their age gap love story on their YouTube channel. But it’s not just the difference in years that first raised eyebrows. The pair met in Jamaica, where Tiffaney, then 21, was living and Don, 51 at the time, was on holiday. Starting out as just friends, they eventually started dating and it took just two months for Don to ask Tiffaney to marry him. Five months later the pair were married and they have now been together for 14 years. They live as a big blended family in Matteson, Illinois, with Tiffaney’s two children from a previous relationship and the three children they had together, including a six-month-old baby. Working as an exotic dancer at a club in Kingston, Jamaica, Tiffaney met one of the punters, Don, who was on a short vacation trip from his work in Chicago. The pair hit it off and ended up talking for a lot of the night but nothing happened. Don gave Tiffaney his business card and the pair didn’t see each other for another six months. After dating for two months, Don asked Tiffaney to marry him and the couple started planning their wedding day. While Tiffaney’s family were mostly accepting of the almost 30-year age gap relationship, Don’s family were more sceptical – not least because he had previously married and had two adult children, including a daughter who is two years older than Tiffaney and a 30-year-old son. Now together for over 14 years, earlier this year the couple welcomed the youngest member to their family, making Don a dad to a new born baby in his mid-sixties.