I Built A 100mph Jet-Powered Go-Kart - In My Shed | RIDICULOUS RIDES

Published September 10, 2020 224 Views

Rumble THIS is no ordinary go-kart - this home-made jet powered vehicle was built by Andy Morris, of Nottingham, UK - in his shed. Andy has always had an interest in jet engines, inspired by his dad and grandad who were both engineers and describes his builds as a hobby. Andy told Barcroft Studios: “I think the first one we were lucky it moved. I was amazed when it did move and I was even more amazed when we did 30mph in it.” Andy’s go-karts have come a long way since then and he and his friend Tom Bagnall took one go-kart to the next level. On 5th September 2015, they set a new Guinness World Record by racing the kart over 100mph. Andy said: “When we got the world record, for me it was wonderful. I mean 10 years of work, proven that we could do it.” With years of experience, Andy’s advice to others looking for the ultimate go-kart is: “Don't buy it. Build it.” But Andy’s not done yet and has built a new jet powered go-kart. Andy said: “This is a faster one, meaner one, and bigger engine. It's probably a third bigger, producing hopefully a third more power. Lighter though because the engine is completely unique.” Can this kart smash his world record? Andy’s going to put it to the test in his own back garden.

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