The Democrats' Plan for America

Published September 9, 2020 31,400 Views

Rumble β€” The Democrats' Plan for America


  • Kaktovik, 1 week ago

    Socialism always ends in misery for all, except for the politicians who seize power from the people.

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  • BuckysLaLady, 1 week ago

    God bless you Devin. You are an honest, God fearing Patriot for DEMOCRACY. Funny, the anti-American, socialist, fascist party is not for DEMOCRACY, they have tried to warp and twist the truth. Need to rename this party. I pray you have tremendous success with your endeavors. I have your new book, Countdown to Socialism. So far, I am amazed with your insight and facts re; why and how they are trying to destroy Democracy. A must read.

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  • Paradoxical, 1 week ago

    That commercial needs to be run by the Trump campaign non stop until 11-3.

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  • Novell2NT, 1 week ago

    The Democrat Master Plan. Release criminals back on the streets, burn down businesses, chase out Law Abiding Citizens to Steal a Congressional Seat and hold it indefinitely. There by controlling Congress and the United States of America. #BLM #DEMOCRAT #NFL #NBA #FAKENEWS #CNN #MSNBC #ANTIFA #NYC #PORTLAND #SEATTLE #CHICAGO

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  • Heard your interview on Bongino. SO happy to be following you now on Rumble !!!! #FreeSpeechReigns !!!

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  • Mommarumba, 2 days ago

    So grateful for what you do. I'm a Midwest citizen, but seeing the huge importance you play in Congress. THANK YOU!

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  • SeVeReD, 1 week ago

    Our real war is between Global Dictator Communists & useful idiots versus National Democratic Capitalist Patriots.

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