Madden 21 Gets ROASTED For Adding Colin Kaepernick & Giving Him An 81 Rating

Published September 9, 2020 1 Views $0.37 earned

Rumble Madden 21 gets trolled by fans for adding Colin Kaepernick to the game and giving him an 81 rating. stay tuned to see what the fans had to say
#madden21 #colinkaepernick #nfl
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  • DonaldC7, 2 days ago

    Why am I not allowed to see this video??? I thought this was supposed to be different from youtube?

    24 rumbles
    • gseggleston, 2 days ago

      Hmmm. I validated my account, entering the code that was sent to my phone, and the site still doesn't let me watch the video.

      13 rumbles
  • Kirkland_Lake, 2 days ago

    what is a whitelist

    11 rumbles
    • TommyWright, 1 day ago

      I'm having issue too. Just verified my account today with phone and email and shows I'm activated/verified, but when I try to watch the video it asks me to check whitelist/blacklist. I've searched every menu option I can find on the site in all settings and I do not see anything that says whitelist or blacklist so if anyone can tell me where I'm overlooking this please help.

      2 rumbles
  • EdgeCrusher, 2 days ago

    Pandering gaming companies deserve to lose all of our business.

    9 rumbles
  • kenair, 6 days ago

    What a piece of crap that dude is. Now screwing with the greatest video football game ever! What is immune to this poison?

    7 rumbles
  • Eugoldenknight, 2 days ago

    don't buy it, stick to Madden 20. Cheaper

    4 rumbles
  • drphysa1, 22 hours ago

    First let me say this is BULLSHIT whitelist/blacklist, if you post content it should be viewed by all. Second if they want to do this then post it to a specific group or chat. Now Madden should loose all it's customers for pandering to a racist asshole who grew up in white privilege, that gave him the opportunity to become what he is.

    2 rumbles
  • wogeorge, 2 days ago

    from June 20th...Today Rumble proudly launched a new feature so creators can have more control over their distribution. This new DRM (digital rights management) feature allows video creators to blacklist or whitelist specific websites, including from displaying their videos. In order to take advantage of the new feature, a creator must create a channel and place specific video content in that channel. Once the channel is created, the creator can add a whitelist or blacklist restriction to their channel. All the videos contained within that channel will now have the applicable restriction on that group of videos. “Transparency and control are very important elements when trying to drive value to creators” says Chris Pavlovski, CEO of Rumble. “Adding these privatization controls takes us a step closer in delivering the most powerful video platform for creators of all types.” Rumble currently has over 55,000 active creators on their platform, mostly comprising of social video creators that are filming interesting moments at home, but also includes larger creators like America’s Funniest Home Videos, Reuters, and Storyful. The new feature will be of major importance to long-form creators or subscription based websites that only want to have their content displayed on a single domain or behind a paywall.

    2 rumbles
    • ChickNorrisGal, 1 day ago

      So, in short, how does one get to view the video if they are black/white-listed? I'm going to guess that I would have to pay to view?

      1 rumble
      • wogeorge, 1 day ago

        Sounded to me like it was up to the videos creator. I'm pretty knew to rumble, still learning myself.

        1 rumble
  • Chassoo, 16 hours ago

    Why would anyone buy this?

    1 rumble
  • Michael88, 1 day ago

    No need to watch. Unless you love this "Colin cancer", just vote with your wallet when it comes to buying these stupid, time-wasting games.

    1 rumble
  • Mwkorey, 1 day ago

    colon kapperstink , what a disgrace , you would think becoming a millionaire playing a sport in a country that allows him the freedom to do so would thank the USA . Instead all he can come up with his bad mouth while still making money is how hard done by he is. Loser ,try this B/S in cuba or china , thats where he belongs . He should become a hair stylist , probably better at it than playing football .

    1 rumble