2 years ago

Golden Retriever puppies are adorably unsure of their first water experience

Golden retriever puppies might be the cutest animals on earth. They are fluffy, playful, happy, and curious every minute of the day. Their faces seem to be fixed with a permanent smile and they approach almost every new experience with enthusiasm and an awkward clumsiness that melts our hearts. They grow into the one of the most lovable and loyal breeds known, and they make excellent family companions.

These 12 beautiful balls of fur are a litter from a wonderful breeding facility in Ontario, Canada, know as "As Good As Gold". They put tremendous care into breeding and raising their pups for optimal health and disposition. Even more importantly, they put just as much care into selecting the perfect forever homes for their babies. They treat these dogs like their own family and they place the dogs after careful screening. Each pup deserves nothing but the best home. As Good as Gold will also provide excellent support, aftercare, and training assistance to make sure that the pups and their families have the best chance at success.

These pups are almost eight weeks old and they are being introduced to water in their new pool. It is a beautiful, warm, summer day and the pups are curious as they watch Karel fill the pool with cool water. They aren't so sure about the splashes of water that are bouncing out all around them but they watch him with rapt attention. Eventually, they are coaxed into the water for some wading and fun. Unsure, they drink and climb out, tails wagging the whole time.

Golden retrievers are known for their love of water and their enthusiasm for jumping in lakes, ponds, rivers, and backyard pools. They eagerly fetch sticks, and some dive for submerged toys. These pups might not love the water yet, but it will soon be a big part of their summer fun to splash and play with their new families. As they approach eight weeks of age, they get closer to that big day.

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