Cavalier Spaniel fearlessly tries to snuggle with giant Newfoundland dog

Published September 8, 2020 2,282 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesRambo the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel loves his big brother Samson the Newfoundland. He is always looking for a way to be closer to his big bro. Samson is a gentle giant and while he probably wants his space, he s very tolerant of his little pesky brother. Too cute!


  • Nemesis7, 3 days ago

    Newfoundlands are the best tempered giants

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  • NiteWriter, 21 hours ago

    C'mon, man! Make room for 'Bo, bro!

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  • JakeKeary19, 1 week ago

    i think thats my old dog 😭

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  • kkthxk, 1 week ago

    lol, poor Samson! he's such a good boy.

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  • nanh56548, 21 hours ago

    dep wu ban

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