Stubborn husky refuses to eat food with pill in it

Published September 6, 2020 4,676 Views $31.25 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesZeus was recently diagnosed with a large and growing (hopefully benign) tumor on his liver. He goes in two days for a consult and they will hopefully be able to do surgery the same day and remove it (paws crossed). Zeus had been losing some weight as a result of the tumor. He was given orders to try to eat more to put the weight back on and given liver medication and an appetite stimulant (which doesn't seem to have an effect on him). I tried to sneak some of his pills in his FreshPet but he refused and was super stubborn about it until the pill was removed. He then ate it.

Follow Zeus as he battles this liver tumor and keep all paws crossed for a healthy outcome!

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