Rolling Stones Are Reissuing 'Goats Head Shoe'

Published September 4, 2020 41 Views

Rumble The Rolling Stones are reissuing their classic album 'Goats Head Soup.'
Mick Jagger gets that not everyone loves "Goats Head Soup" album.
"It's not an album that's revered as much as 'Exile on Main Street' in people's minds."
CNN reports that a deluxe edition of the 1973 album has now been released.
It spurred the No. 1 single "Angie."
This time around, there are unreleased tunes, including new lyrics for "All the Rage," a song Jagger started writing 47 years ago.
The Stones are still going strong and were supposed to go on tour this year before the pandemic scrapped that.

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