2 years ago

Drone view of picturesque Nafplio, Greece and its cactus forest

Did you know that there is a place in Greece where there are countless natural Greek cacti (prickly pears) and they create a setting reminiscent of far-west and all this next to a very popular and picturesque city?
We fly over the hill of Arvanitia, in Nafplio, where nature has created this incredible scene.
A vast forest of prickly pears creates in Greek standards a setting with cacti that we see only in foreign deserts.
This peculiar "forest" is located inside the castle of Akronafplia and is surrounded by sea.
The steep cliffs full of prickly pears hang almost vertically and end up in the sea.
At sea level there is an amazing walk, the so-called "Arvanitia Tour", where visitors walk on a paved path by the sea under the shade of this peculiar cactus forest. In fact, they have left their "mark" on many of them, engraving on them names and dates. Definitely worth a visit. Enjoy the flight!

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