1964 Pontiac GTO Brought Back From The Dead | RIDICULOUS RIDES

Published September 3, 2020 305 Views

Rumble A RARE single-owner original Pontiac GTO from 1964, one of the first ever muscle cars, was left to rust in a garage for over 30 years before undergoing a radical transformation that miraculously brought it back from the dead. After developing engine trouble, it ended up gathering dust in the owner’s garage. The same owner, 30 years later, finally decided to restore the rare muscle car. CW restorations worked on the GTO for three years - company owner Chris Winston told Ridiculous Rides: “It’s probably the worst rustic car I’ve ever worked on." New floors and a new trunk had to be installed but the restored shell and motor are original to the car. The only significant differences from the original are the upgraded suspensions and brake system, which were improved for extra safety. The hardest part of restoring the car was locating an authentic 1964 frame for the Pontiac to replace the original one.

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