Beautiful oriole enjoys an orange at this ingeniously simple bird feeder

Published September 1, 2020 4,454 Views $6.35 earned

Rumble / Wild WildlifeOrioles are one of the most vividly coloured birds in North America. They are also very simple to attract to any back yard. They adore brightly coloured fruit such as mango, oranges, and red grapes. This ingenious feeder is as simple as slicing an orange in half and sticking it on a tree branch. Orioles will seek out the best places to feed and they will even bring their young to the same spots.

Orioles have a unique and interesting method of feeding, referred to as "gaping". Although they do eat by closing their beaks around food, they also use their beaks in the opposite direction, inserting the tip into soft food such as a orange and then opening their beaks to create a trough or "gape". This gape fills with juice which they slurp up or eat by using their beaks in typical fashion.
Orioles are also very fond of grape jelly, which can be used to lure them to a back yard feeder. With just a little research, the right foods can be found for each bird species and a feeder can be used to attract a person's favourite birds. Watching beautifully coloured birds so close up can provide hours of joy for any nature lover.