State Department to release memos detailing illegal social media monitoring of Americans

Published September 1, 2020 72,961 Views

Rumble / Trending NewsMemos to be released under FOIA will show effort to monitor social media of Fox News personalities Hannity, Ingraham and Dobbs, as well as president's son Don. Jr.


  • Paduki, 2 weeks ago

    Never did I think there would be Maoist style intrusion of our privacy as I've experienced just using my Google platform tablet. Research anything and the next thing you see are ads offering those products or services. But Google is not unique. All the liberal biased social media sites do the same thing, plus they attack anything contrary to the far left agenda.

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  • mos153e, 2 days ago there anyone who actually thinks censorship and election interference is NOT going on? You have to be a Jim Jones cult Kool-Aid member to not see the blatant, overt, and obvious MSM and SM actions to suppress anyone that points out the obvious gas lighting B.$ being pushed daily. Even when you shove CDC or doctor data in their face, people still buy into blatantly false propaganda. This is peak level stupid.

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