Special Edition: Fireworks at RNC Final Night

Published August 30, 2020 3,939 Views

Rumble Special Edition: Fireworks at RNC Final Night


  • Anamazon, 3 weeks ago

    Fantastic! The entire RNC event was first class, just like our First Family 🇺🇸

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  • Nonnie, 2 weeks ago

    What a glorious finale! Proud to be an American and a Republican! Thank you Congressman Nunes for sharing this memorable occasion. Ditto to Anamazon comments! 🇺🇸

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  • loufosman, 3 weeks ago


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  • Noma, 2 weeks ago

    Fabulous 🤗

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  • Testo, 3 weeks ago

    The RNC did a wonderful four day presentation. I will never forget the family's that shared their unimaginable experiences. Heart breaking.

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  • Lhardy69, 2 weeks ago

    I watched every minute of the rnc . I loved that every day was a new message and the common everyday people they invited to speak

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  • mconnolly002, 2 weeks ago

    Thank you for sharing. It was a great event, and done extremely well. It is a great reminder of all the blessings we have in this country. We cannot lose them.

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  • GodtheBreathofLife, 2 weeks ago

    The whole RNC was a first class job and what an ending! So glad we live in this USA

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  • Lary865, 2 weeks ago

    Fantastic, awesome, Trumpish and God bless America!!

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  • MarineVetMom, 2 weeks ago

    AMAZING!!!Thank you for sharing!!

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  • 66Tata, 2 weeks ago

    Amazing the best

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  • Lovemyfreedom, 2 weeks ago


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  • winningatmylife, 2 weeks ago


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  • BuckysLaLady, 2 weeks ago

    We along with many friends were truly touched by the RNC. We are very proud Americans. We pray for our President, his wife and family. We so look forward to another 4 years.

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  • msanger727, 2 weeks ago

    Brought a tear to see so many patriots...

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