Rand Paul surrounded by protesters on Thursday night

Published August 28, 2020 58,163 Views

Rumble / Trending NewsSenator Rand Paul surrounded by protesters on Thursday night after leaving the White House after RNC.


  • URtruth007, 3 weeks ago

    These people are just out of control. Sad.

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  • Jitone1, 2 weeks ago

    That cop got pushed after he hit someone with a bike. I bet it was scary, doubt he'd been hurt.

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    • Root_2020, 3 days ago

      Rand Paul has been attacked 2 times already. And was at the shooting a few years ago. He was terrified. I was watching and you could see his fear. I'm so happy nothing happened to him and his wife. He said he thought they would kill them both.

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      • Jitone1, 3 days ago

        I'm glad he's ok too.

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  • Paduki, 3 weeks ago

    At this point it would be hard to make the claim these are peaceful protesters, especially since they have been identified as professional protesters. These people are dangerous because they are mobs. Rand Paul and many other attendees are fortunate they weren't hurt or worse.

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  • brikaa, 3 weeks ago

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